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Express Hand Wax
V5 Car Wash - Wax and Auto Detailing
Carnauba Wax
Mini Detail
You car is washed, towel dried and vacuumed.  Also includes:
  • Tire dressing
  • Mats shampoo (Your mats are washed and dried)
  • Hand applied wax
At V5 Car Wash, we take care to provide our customers high quality services customized for each car. No appointment is necessary, but for full auto detailing, it is recommended to schedule an appointment.  Call us at 213-487-3658 and ask for Ken.

We provide a variety of premium services including:
This is a premium wax service for your car.  Your car is washed, towel dried and vacuumed.  Tires are applied with a shine and protectant dressing.  Mats are shampooed and dried.  Interior dash and seats are cleaned and conditioned with Lexor.  100% Prime Carnauba wax is applied by hand and polished out with large soft cloths for a deep brilliant hard wax diamond shine.
This is a great service for when your car needs some special attention.  Mini detail includes a car wash and vacuum, tire dressing and window cleaning.  The carpet upholstery and mats are shampoo cleaned to remove dirt and minor stains.  Interior dash and seats are applied with vinyl & leather treatment. 
Interior & Exterior Detail
Complete Detail
You can choose to have just the interior or the exterior detailed.  These services can be customized to fit your car's needs.
This is a full service detail job and can be customized to your needs.